Durrani Popal Sexy Bikini in Miami

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aldo-vallon - September 9, 2017

 That top is doing a hell of a job wrangling the jugs that are popping off Durrani Popal's chest. It must not be a union worker. If it was it would only be doing a good enough job to make it to retirement and there would be at least two other tops hanging off her shoulders doing nothing. But you could be damn well certain that its union representation would make sure it only had to work once every wash cycle. A lot of good bikini tops had to fight hard for that right. They used to have to work every day of the week, spending countless hours under the Sun at the beach. It was truly grueling work, and I only envy them a little bit due to their position. That is why I like to take a moment before bed to remember some of the boobs they sacrificed to bring us over the years. Sometimes it takes longer than others to get through them all which leads to some sleepless nights, but I feel like it is a small gesture that I owe them.   


Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News