Claudia Romani Black Mesh Booty Peek

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bill-swift - November 21, 2016

Call it obvious if you will, but our sweet Latin model heartthrob in Miami, Claudia Romani, draws quite a bit of attention for her body and that magical thumper I shall someday marry as she travels about the city of Miami. It helps that she's often wearing such things as see-through mess body suits with not more than a thong beneath. That is going to get leering necks cranking something fierce.

Claudia took advantage of the weekend in South Florida to debut her new line of clothes you really can't wear in public unless you look an awful lot like an Italian model with a bottomside that makes men drool in their sleep. The front side. The back side. Equal bits of fine female form magic. I wouldn't recommend this garb for every woman, but for the sextastic models and celebrities who spend their off hours getting on workout equipment, it's a thing alright. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash