Bella Thorne Does the Monster Mash

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brian-mcgee - October 6, 2017

 Spoiler alert: It was a graveyard smash!

So when you're Bella Thorne and you're on the set of a movie and you're super bored, what else are you gonna do but snap some in progress pics of your horror makeup! Next Friday—the 13th not coincidentally—Bella will debut this makeup job in the Netflix Original flick The Babysitter, but now you can get a sneak peek along with a jukebox selection!

I think the only appropriate song for a makeup job like this is the classic gimmick song "Monster Mash." Halloween's right around the corner so you're gonna be hearing this song quite a bit. Why not get it stuck in your head early as you look at these pictures of Bella Thorne having a monster mash of her own on the set of The Babysitter.

Bella looks like she'd do one hell of a monster mash, particularly if that monster were a sparkly vampire or a shirtless werewolf. She looks like she'd be able to navigate the Twilight world of monsters pretty well, but I don't know how she'd hold up in the Universal Monster Cinematic Universe. Actually, she'd probably be able to take Johnny Depp's Invisible Man, but who couldn't?

Photo Credit: Instagram