Gal Gadot and Kate Beckinsale on the Black Carpet for GQ Party

Two of the hottest brunettes on the planet graced the same space last night and it was every bit as boner-iffic as it sounds! It's cause for celebration anytime that Gal Gadot and Kate Beckinsale walk a red carpet independent of one another, so imagine how boner inducing it is to see them on the same red carpet? The answer is majorly boner inducing.

The kind of boner you get from Gal's cleavage-baring number and Kate's garbage bag turned dress is like the one you got the first time you sat on a couch with a girl and were then afraid to stand up for the rest of the night, lest you give up the game. It's that kind of boner that you get when looking at Gal and Kate strutting their stuff. One might even say it's the stuff that boners are made of.

So if you find yourself unable to manage the boner you're sure to get here—be it literal or metaphorical—I would recommend watching the video I posted below immediately. It's Bea Arthur singing a song in the Star Wars Holiday Special. It's guaranteed to kill any boner that's not chemically induced...

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Photo Credit: Splash News

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