Britney Spears Booty Shaking Goodness at Planet Hollywood (VIDEO)



Granted, Britney Spears isn't even pretending to sing anymore despite the wireless microphone setup, but the pop starlet does put on one helluva stage show. To boot, Britney's been toning up her mommy boot something fierce in the past year or so to fit all her tight and revealing costumes onstage. Between the nylons and the BDSM themed costumes, Spears earns her keep and her ticket prices, which for the money probably serves you better than spending the same at the Vegas tables.

Taking a quick peek at Britney's show bits at Planet Hollywood in Sin City, you can tell the show is not particularly meant for guys, but there is plenty to see on digital video highlights after the show. I feel the same way about most women's magazines. Don't read, peruse, when alone. Britney baby, you still got it. No, it was never singing. Enjoy.

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