SAG Awards 2017 Brings Out Decked Out Sextastic Hollywood


Nobody celebrates the world's most important craft of thespianism like the thespianics themselves. Aww, let them have their night to pretend their special. Think of it as the world's greatest participation trophy. Okay, that's unfair. These ladies are especially talented artists. And while their business may not save lives or improve schools or make anything safer or cleaner or work better, they are super hot and that has to count for something. In fact, that counts for a ton.

This year's SAG awards features a bevy of beauties including Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Sophie Turner, Salma Hayek, to name but a few. Did they all thank their agents and un-thank their new President. Absolutely. Hollywood only works when it works completely as expected. That includes the decked out sextastic. You have to give them a lot of rope with which to tie you up and force you to do naughty naughty things. That's how it works in my dream at least. Enjoy.

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Photo credit: FameFlynet

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