Claudia Romani Booty Cheeks For Italy


There's many things I can say about Italian model and my future booty betrothed, Claudia Romani. Mostly about my lust for all things hiney. But it's worth noting the transplant to Miami's continuing dedication to her Italian national soccer team still alive in the UEFA Euro Cup as of the taking of these Italian team jersey and magical thumper beach photos.

Claudia consistently supports her home-nation squad, something a man has to admire about a woman after naturally admiring her round and sultry tanned keester propped up in the air like a black hole of ogling. I mean, sports is important, but let's make sure our priorities are still completely on track. How can you not root for The Boot whilst gazing about this boot. A work of art in blue and white. Love the socks. Hey, I do look all over. Enjoy.

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Photo Credit: Splash

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