Jennifer Lawrence Sheer Peeks For CinemaCon

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You had me at Jennifer Lawrence in a tight tank top. CinemaCon used to be a little gathering in Vegas each April to show theater owners previews of the big movies coming out in the next six months. Now it's a big thing with awards and a good number of A-list celebrities headed out into the desert to pimp their cinematic wares and excite the crowd about their next big hits.

Jennifer Lawrence showed up strong and sheer in a revealing outfit that showed off a good bit of her recent dedication to working out that much harder now that she's one of the world's top paid actresses. She was joined by Hailee Steinfeld, Cara Delevingne, and Emilia Clarke all looking the best and brightest for the people who ultimately exhibit their films on the big screen. I need to invent one of these type movie star events. It can be at Vegas as well. Do you think Jennifer Lawrence would wear that same revealing top to my Circus Circus room? It's a suite. BillCon 2016. I've got an award just for you, JLaw. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Splash

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