Jennifer Lawrence Leggy Peeks For Dior

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Jennifer Lawrence is edging toward the hottest thespianic on the planet at the moment. She may not be in Star Wars, but she seems to be in about every other film out there and winning awards, covering magazines, and despite her insistence she feels awkward being a sexy symbol, doing just that for the pimping promotional likes of Dior.

Jennifer is never going to go Minaj or Cyrus in her apparel and reveals, but she's still smoking hot and able to exude the confidence of the girl you wish you dated in little slinky dresses and showing off just a bit of skin. Oh, how I wish we dated. Though no foreplay. I'd have to call that a continued waste of time when there's so much more fun stuff on the list of Bill's Fun Things To Do With a World Class Hottie. I'll bring the charcoal sketches, Jen, you bring yourself and that slinky dress. And yeah, the sofa too, I have a back hip. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Dior

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