Kate Upton Bikini Right Alongside Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann Bikinis Filming 'The Other Woman'

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Well, what do we have here. Three ladies who I would not throw out of my bed for eating crackers, or stabbing me in the eye for that matter. Of course, I will admit to putting a premium on Kate Uptonrolling in the hay, but I'm not going to turn my nose up at veteran hottie Cameron Diazor Leslie Mann for that matter.

The three relatively blonde ladies were bikini to bikini, in the Bahamas filming The Other Woman. That movie seems to have many many scenes, or maybe they're just making stuff up as they go along as an excuse to get these ladies into their bikinis. We've already seen Kate Upton almost fall out of hers (oh, damn you almost!). Either way, I've already committed to spending my money to see this film. It could be horrible, but this production process deserves a ten-spot. Enjoy.

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