Karissa Shannon Sex Tape Boyfriend Soon To Be Behind Bars, How Ever Can I Help?

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Who will care for Karissa Shannon?

Sadly, her boyfriend, sex tape co-star (and lotion aficionado), and former Smallville cast member, Sam Jones III, will be shuffling off to the federal pokie in a few month after recently pleading guilty to illegally trafficking a boatload of prescription pain killers. (Ever get those email spams for cheap oxy? Yep, that's Sam.) No doubt, there's going to be a rough transition period for Karissa Shannon. Who will care for this boobtastic blond bombshell while her beloved is discreetly informed that he dropped the soap in the prison shower for the next ten years? I humbly throw my hat in the ring. Who better than somebody who knows her curvy body from top to bottom, from countless hours of careful review and examination. I know, I'm too nice; I'm like The Giving Tree. Today, I offer up my stump to poor Karissa.

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Okay, you probably won't be made to see the current indie movie, Somewhere, but Karissa Shannon and twin sister, Kristina Shannon, play a couple of solemn pole dancers in the film clip worth watching. Enjoy.

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